Project Status, FileMaker comparison

  • Anonymous - 2007-12-06

    Read all the documentation on this. I notice that the latest downloads are still the initial release and dated Aug 07. Has this project died?

    I note comments that it lacks a Database Administration Tool. From my experience with FileMaker this seems integral to it being a FileMaker replacement. Particularly can I add fields when I need to, can I add a new Database/Table, can I easily define a new relationship when I need to? Or is this not the kind of admin being referred to?

    I use FileMaker to import and integrate data from various sources as csv, tab and xls files and then export processed Quicken, MYOB, QIF, csv and tab financial files. Does once:radix have the ability to import and export so easily?

    Is it at a stage where a reasonable FileMaker user can apply similar skills and get it working? Or am I going to get frustrated from getting in to early?

    • onceradix

      onceradix - 2008-07-23


      Your post has been a prime motivator for what we have been doing for the past months.

      once:radix 1.0 will answer most of your questions.

      We export time sheets, contact records, customer and supplier invoices, purchase orders, credit notes, receipts and payments to MYOB and QuickBooks. No reason why others can't do the same.



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