Why New Account on the Front Page

  • Hannah Stella

    Hannah Stella - 2010-02-02

    Would like to know your justification to let creation of new account accessible in the open, will not this be a security issue in case of public application deployment?  Is there a way to disable this by configuration?  And us a user, these are my other feedbacks in using once:radix for two days:   A.  The term "block" in combination with "security" is confusing.    B.  Must not allow to delete all members of System Group  C.  Separate "user application" from the basic/default - contact+admin+security   D.  Table linking from external database (similar to MS Access)      E.  Application Wizard for quicker familiarization      F.  Charting/Graphing for dashboards.

    I really like what I saw in once:radix, please continue to develop it, I'm sure this project has a good future.  Thank you.

  • onceradix

    onceradix - 2010-02-17

    Thank you for your feedback.

    On commercial installations, we don't assign any blocks or tables to Public access. This disables it completely.

    But the Log On is only an HTML page so you can remove that code from the page.

    A Block is the XML file representing a screen or sub-screen. I wanted to call the Fred or Wilma but I was outvoted by the Block block.

    If you wanted to modify the system for prevent System Group C from all being deleted, go ahead. We restrict System access to people who know what they are doing. And in the worst case, it can always be reinstated using PGAdmin.
    I don't understand what you mean by item D.



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