Problem connecting to Postgresql

  • Sam Placette

    Sam Placette - 2010-03-28


    I'm trying to evaluate Radix 1.5 as a platform for a POS system. I'm running Ubuntu 9.04 on a netbook computer. I followed the instructions in the Linux section of the help file, and have installed PostreSQL, Tomcat, and Java. Radix launches, but it appears to not be able to connect to PostreSQL. I cannot restore the database from backup, through the Radix interface. I can restore from PGadmin, but then when I attempt to create a new user through the Radix interface the organization field is empty.

    I have set up PostrgeSQL according to the instructions in the help file. Can anybody give me some advice on where to look for troubleshooting information? I am an experienced webdeveloper, but not in Java, Tomcat, or PGSQL, so this is a bit new to me.


  • Sam Placette

    Sam Placette - 2010-04-02

    Is anybody reading this forum? The Once:Radix website claimed help would be available online. I would really appreciate some help getting this software set up.

  • Moxmose

    Moxmose - 2010-07-05

    Hi Sam,
    if you take look at my problem you can enjoy that you are not alone - on my Ubuntu 9.04 there is no way to make once:radix working. I can see only the first intro page, after doing the "db_restore" the screen is always blank (no matter if from this computer or from another win or Ubuntu) and no (right click special) menu appears. As you, tried to restore the db from pgAdmin but no error message found on what is goig (wrong).
    Only one thing: the distro I am testing is the desktop, somewhere I read that someone succefully installed into the Server edition the Radix. Now I should get the Lucid, maybe the problems will resolve?
    In these desktops I have installed variuos apps that relies on PG, so for me the problem is not the connection to PG itself…


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