Adam Peters - 2009-08-26

I completed a successful installation of Once:Radix on my Windows XP Home machine yesterday.  I had three minor problems along the way, but they were easily fixed.  In case anyone else runs into these problems, I have listed my solutions below:

> 1)  I discovered that PostgreSQL does not allow you to start its
> server while you are logged in as an administrator on your machine.  I
> use Windows XP Home, so of course my default user account is an
> administrator account.  Basically, I just had to login to Windows with
> the postgres account in order to start the PostgreSQL server.  I realize
> this is not a problem with Once:Radix and that it is in fact a security
> feature of PostgreSQL, but I felt I should mention it as it may be
> useful information for anybody who does not have prior PostgreSQL experience.
>      2) Also, even with a non-administrator account, the PostgreSQL
> server would not start with the Once:Radix version of the pg_hba.conf
> file.  The problem was it did not recognize the line in that file having
> to do with IPv6 addresses:  "md5  # IPv6 local connections:  host
> all         all         ::1/128"
> I don't know if there is something wrong with the way that line is
> written or if the Windows XP Home C library does not support IPv6
> addresses, more likely the latter option is the problem.  The PostgreSQL
> documentation on pg_hba.conf even makes a of point of stating:  "Note
> that entries in IPv6 format will be rejected if the system's C library
> does not have support for IPv6 addresses."  My solution was to just
> disable that line in my configuration file.  Doing so allowed the
> PostgreSQL server to start properly (although not with the start menu
> option).  The start menu option "Start Server" resulted in "System error
> 5 has occurred.  Access is denied."  To get the server to start, I had
> to use the command line to run pg_ctl start -D <path>.
>      3)  Finally, the "read_me_first.html" document in the Once:Radix
> distribution states that prior to restoring once:radix, the Owner
> Organization field of the new user screen will show "Open Source."
> However, that field remained blank until after I completed the
> restoration.  Also, Firefox may require a restart after the restoration
> and before login as user:  "once".  I was using an older version of
> Firefox at the time, so I'm not sure if that was the problem.  However,
> I was able to access the application properly with the latest version of
> Firefox as well.

Other than those three very minor problems, the installation was a success.