custom map element

  • Anonymous - 2009-12-02


    Installed just fine on XP and I'm quite interested!

    I could do with some more video's/examples though..Once:fabrik would be helpful to learn from; is it still available for download?

    I would be using radix for property management. Location, area and other attributes are central. For that I wonder if it would be possible to hack a map element. Think of google maps or better openlayers ( Any suggestions in that regard?



  • onceradix

    onceradix - 2010-02-17

    This is a really old post. Sorry but it was missed as I moved interstate. Not sure why none of the others responded.

    I tried emailing you directly but I get an error.

    I imagine that you have either resolved the problem or have given up by now. If you still need assistance, please email me directly.



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