Thomi, well thats the thing, it all sounds good in theory (and I understand its benifit), but I've found (as others have) that in practise it doesnt always work. Also, about "On top of that, the original models need to be on hand when the
>textures are made, so the unwrapping can be examined.": once again, in practice, you really would always need the original models on hand while you're painting, because you really can't forsee the results.

It's a risky business, because you would have to expect that each of the models were unwrapped perfectly to the template and use the texture sheet correctly. Plus, you would assume that the tempates are made perfectly, and that whoever designed them allowed them to 'work' for your model.. sometimes (actually most times) you need it to be tailored for each individual model.

I don't know, but I've never seen such a tex template system been implemented in commercial games - at least to this degree of genericness (is that a word? :))

BTW, On your scenario, if we have 5 different human models who are only "slightly different", why not just use 1 model and paint 5 different textures for him? Else, if one has a certain prop, well, they would be modelled independently anyway.

Once again, I repeat that although this system sounds great in theory, I havent had much success with it in a production situation.

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