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dynamic loader

A new dynamic loader has been added to Bellagio. Now two different ways of load components are available by default, in addition to the possibility to add a custom loader. The dynamic loader developed starting from the static loader already implemented in Bellagio scans a given directory looking for components instead of looking into a registry file, pre-created by the omxregister application.
This dynamic loader is available in the source code working tree, in the dynamic_loader branch, and it will be added to the next major release of Bellagio... read more

Posted by Giulio Urlini 2011-02-14

New Release: Bellagio 0.9.2

Hi all,<br>
the release of Bellagio ver. 0.9.2 is available on Source Forge at
the address:<br>

The packages related to external Bellagio components not included the main package are described and can be downloaded from the download page: read more

Posted by Giulio Urlini 2009-10-12

Bellagio 0.9.1

The Bellagio 0.9.1 has ben released.
The main additions are:
- A new jpeg encoder/decoder
- Added omx_base_image_port base class

Posted by Giulio Urlini 2008-09-18

Bellagio roadmap has been updated

New components to be added in the next releases:

* A Jpeg decoder/encoder
* A video scheduler for uncompressed video streams to support the Audio/Video synchronization
* A video sink based on directFB, capable to display on /dev/fb or on a different graphic layer (SDL) when an X-server is running
* An audio encoder
* An audio/video merger to produce compressed 3gp files

Architectural upgrades to be applied to the Bellagio framework:... read more

Posted by Giulio Urlini 2008-08-29

Bellagio 0.9.0

The OpenMAX IL Bellagio package ver. 0.9.0 has been released.
The main additions to this delivery are:

- The symbian version of bellagio with a new component loader,
several components and all the needed infrastructure has been added
- Audio video synchronization support, with the addition of
a new Clock component
- Enhancement in the build system
- New naming for the bellagio library. Now it is named libomxil-bellagio

Posted by Giulio Urlini 2008-07-04

Bellagio 0.3.4 has been released

The 0.3.4 version of Bellagio has been released.
The main additions are:
added several components:
- audio source based on alsa
- audiomixer: simple mixer with constant rate
- 3gp audio/video parser based on ffmpeg
- video source based on Video4Linux
Added new domain specific base ports

Posted by Giulio Urlini 2008-03-03

The OpenMAX IL Bellagio package ver. 0.3.3 has been released

The OpenMAX IL Bellagio package ver. 0.3.3 has been released. The main additions to this delivery are:

* The OpenMAX headers have been updated to version 1.1.1
* Added simple UseEGLImage in video color converter
* The automake system has been updated
* The component loader interface has been updated:
o The function DestroyComponent has been added
o The loader functions have a new parameter for the self reference
* A new audio format has been added. Now the audio decoder component is capable to decode the AAC audio streams.
* Added optional installation of Bellagio internal header files for new components development outside Bellagio source tree. The configure option is --enable-install-devel

Posted by Giulio Urlini 2007-10-23

Gstreamer plugins release 0.3

A new set of GStreamer plugins compatible with OpenMAX Bellagio 0.3.2 has been released.
The available plugins in the 0.3 release are:
- an mp3 decoder (the related openmax component is based on the mad library)
- an ogg decoder (the related openmax component is based on the libvorbis library)
- a volume control component
- an alsa sink

Posted by Giulio Urlini 2007-06-07

Bellagio 0.3.1 released

A new release of Bellagio OpenMAX components and core is available.
A new video section has been included in the distribution. It contains an mpeg4/h264 decoder, and also a video renderer based on devFB is available.
An audio volume control component has been added.
ffmpeg mp3 decoder component issues have been fixed, with the addition of an audio file reader that parses the input data for the mp3 ffmpeg decoder.

Posted by Giulio Urlini 2007-05-23

Bellagio 0.3 released

The latest delivery is based on a new architecture, and its components and IL Core are NOT compatible with older versions.
The current delivery contains:
- An IL core comaptible with OpenMAX 1.1 specifics.
- A new mechanism for component loading and handling, that allows different loading mechanisms at the same time, for third party components has been added
- Default Component Loader
- Extensions
- The components are:
- MP3 decoder based on mad library
- MP3 decoder based on ffmpeg library (not working on FC6)
- OGG vorbis decoder based on libvorbis
- Alsa Sink component

Posted by Giulio Urlini 2007-04-06

GStreamer plugins with OpenMAX IL support now released

The Bellagio team is proud to announce a first release of GStreamer plugins that use the OpenMAX Integration Layer API. These plugins allow using OpenMAX components within the GStreamer multimedia framework and have been tested with libomxil.
A minor bugfix release (0.2.1) of libomxil is also available.

Posted by dmelpi 2006-12-12

Bellagio 0.2 released

2 May 2006
The Bellagio 0.2 release makes developing new OpenMAX components easier.
The components included in this release pass the official OpenMAX conformance tests.
The MP3 decoder and ALSA sink components already present in release 0.1 have been rewritten according to the new component architecture.
A volume control component has been added as well.

Based on this release, a set of new components will be made available over time.

Posted by Giulio Urlini 2006-05-12

Bellagio OpenMAX Integration Layer - released libomxil v.0.1

Bellagio OpenMAX Integration Layer project has released version 0.1 of the libomxil library.
The library includes an OpenMAX IL core, an ALSA component, an MP3 decoder component (based on ffmpeg and ffmpeg-devel). An MP3 player test application shows the usage of OpenMAX IL data tunneling among components.
Components are compiled into shared objects and are loaded by the IL core when needed.
Components can be registered by means of the omxregister command.
This initial release is intended to show the usage of the Khronos OpenMAX Integration Layer API.
It is anticipated that major changes will occur in the near future to increase performance, reduce memory footprint and improve the overall OpenMAX IL implementation, so stay tuned.

Posted by dmelpi 2006-02-24

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