I am having trouble setting up hardware accelerated video for Totem/Gstreamer on my new ARM Chromebook (based on Exynos 5250).

I have installed Ubuntu on the ChromeBook and currently playing videos with Totem using software decode. This is fairly taxing on the battery so I would like to configure OpenMAX with Gstreamer (if possible) for hw decoding of my H264 and Xvid videos.

I have installed Bellagio 0.9.3 from the Ubuntu repository (armhf build).

I have compiled gst-openmax from source using the Gstreamer website instructions.

Gstreamer inspection lists these OMX components:
gst-inspect |grep omx
omx:  omx_dummy: OpenMAX IL dummy element
omx:  omx_dummy_2: OpenMAX IL dummy element
omx:  omx_mpeg4dec: OpenMAX IL MPEG-4 video decoder
omx:  omx_h264dec: OpenMAX IL H.264/AVC video decoder
omx:  omx_h263dec: OpenMAX IL H.263 video decoder
omx:  omx_wmvdec: OpenMAX IL WMV video decoder
omx:  omx_mpeg4enc: OpenMAX IL MPEG-4 video encoder
omx:  omx_h264enc: OpenMAX IL H.264/AVC video encoder
omx:  omx_h263enc: OpenMAX IL H.263 video encoder
omx:  omx_vorbisdec: OpenMAX IL Vorbis audio decoder
omx:  omx_mp3dec: OpenMAX IL MP3 audio decoder
omx:  omx_audiosink: OpenMAX IL audiosink element
omx:  omx_volume: OpenMAX IL Volume component

However, I may have some configuration problems because omxregister doesn't find anything:
/usr/bin/omxregister-bellagio -v

 Scanning directory /usr/lib/libomxil-bellagio0/

 0 OpenMAX IL ST static components in 0 libraries succesfully scanned

What is not clear for me is whether this setup is sufficient at all to play videos with the hw acceleration. Does Bellagio support Exynos 5250 natively?

There are OpenMAX decoders shipped with the ChromeBook. These have been ripped from the ChromeOS partition and they are attached to this issue (zipped archive):

If I simply copy the en/decoders to /usr/lib/libomxil-bellagio0/ and re-run omxregister, it simply stops without any error message after the "Scanning directory..." line.

How do I register these decoders with Bellagio so that they get properly used in Totem/Gstreamer (if it is possible at all)?

Currently, H264 videos don't play at all in Totem, probably because there are decoders registered for it by Bellagio but they don't actually work.
When I uninstall gst-openmax, H264 videos get played again (sw decode).

Any help is appreciated, I would like to see my ChromeBook at its potential.