Hello all,


I’m running the OMPL.app demo program demo_SE3RigidBodyPlanning where robot and environment are loaded as


                // load the robot and environment

                std::string robot_fname = std::string(OMPLAPP_RESOURCE_DIR) + "/3D/cubicles_robot.dae";

                std::string env_fname   = std::strinfdsg(OMPLAPP_RESOURCE_DIR) + "/3D/cubicles_env.dae";




I receive the following error, which appears to originate from RigidBodyGeometry.cpp


Error:   Unable to load robot scene: /home/cooper/Documents/OMPL/omplapp-0.14.1-Source/resources/3D/cubicles_robot.dae

        at line 50 in /home/cooper/Documents/OMPL/omplapp-0.14.1-Source/src/omplapp/geometry/RigidBodyGeometry.cpp

Error:   Unable to load environment scene: /home/cooper/Documents/OMPL/omplapp-0.14.1-Source/resources/3D/cubicles_env.dae

         at line 93 in /home/cooper/Documents/OMPL/omplapp-0.14.1-Source/src/omplapp/geometry/RigidBodyGeometry.cpp

BVH Error! endModel() called on model with no triangles and vertices.

Info:    Empty environment loaded


Thoughts on how to create a DAE model file that can be loaded with this method? ie, one that has triangles and vertices? I’ve created new DAE files in google sketchup and then exported as a DAE file. These load fine with the OMPL.app GUI but not with the setRobotMesh method.  Thanks!


- Jared