Omni and Red Hat 7.3

  • Jeremiah C. Foster


    I have noticed that much of the software libraries and source that I need in 7.2 is already present in 7.3. I think there should be an explicit reference somewhere in the Omni documentation that RH 7.3 is far easier to use than previous versions of Red Hat. ( As a side note, there are issues with Gnome upgrading from 7.2 to 7.3, documentation exists on Red Hat's site.)

    Finally, what is the test algorithm? How do I go through testing of the installed Omni software? Is there documentation? What parameters need  to be set to send test information to the printer to print a test page?


    • Mark Hamzy

      Mark Hamzy - 2002-07-08

      Hey Jeremiah,

      Sorry about the delay.  I have been away on vacation for two weeks.

      I will add that note to the documentation.

      For testing, I use two programs.  The first is DeviceTester and the second is Ghostscript.  The file doc/Usage descibes how to use Ghostscript to print with omni.

      Hope this helps.

    • Jeremiah C. Foster

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for the reply. I have been reading as much as I can on the CUPS documentation. I plan to use Omni to generate a filter to be placed after the PPD.

      RIght now I can get text to print to the printer but it is not formatted correctly. My hunch is that I can use Omni to create a filter to use after the PPD which will format the text once I create the format I need in a file somewhere.

      Things are definitely advancing for us here, I am now able to spend more time on the Omni model and get to undrestand it and not just hassle with dependency issues.

      Hope you had a good vacation!



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