Your framework looks promising for such an early release (0.1) and I love the way you integrated Spry with it, making the client/AJAX/server interaction almost as good as the official Zend/dojo with a simpler design interface.

I'm not sure in which direction you want to take OmniPHP but it would be very good and commercial-like if you were to extend its design paradigm into a more OOP approach. For instance, separating the UI from the code, not neccesarily MVC but more like the original concept behind .NET or back in the days of MFC. Or even a simpler unbloated MVC design.

That would allow a 'prettier' interface design that could allow the programmer and the graphic artist to separate roles and work more as a team. Whereas now the PHP code is far too integrated in a spaghetti-like approach with the HTML/CSS code.

Hope it sounds viable and keep up the good work.