Omnimeeting: two new demos released!

We've done it!
Two new motion demos have just been released, one for linux and one for windows.

Omnimeeting is a multi-platform C++ videoconference program that uses libraries
such as LiveMedia, OpenCv, CxImage, WxWidgets to stream video with RTSP protocol via Internet.
It can receive a 360 degrees omnidirectional video and do a face-detecting/tracking.

We used some Omnimeeting's stuff and some OpenCv algorithms, like the motion detector,
to display a panorama view of the platform recorded by the omnidirectional camera.
Results are that people moving/walking around are detected and followed by a red rectangle.
This can be an useful tool to be used into video-surveillance frameworks for example.
This time the video source input is a BT848 frame grabber, but it can be easily
extended to catch up a webcam source.

You can reach the download page here:

And the project's page here:

Enjoy them.

Massimo Cora'

Posted by Massimo Cora' 2006-01-26

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