Hi Maya,

On 3/28/07, Maya Puntamberkar <pmaya@techmahindra.com> wrote:

I am working in Windows CE 5.0 platform. I want to build video telephony in Windows CE. Is Omnimeeting will support my OS?

well development on that platform in not ufficially supported nor tested. Anyway I'm using these libarries to stream video on the net: http://live555.com/liveMedia/ seems like they support windowsCE, the only thing to do is try to compile it.
Other libraries are ffmpeg and OpenCV. I think they'll run on it without many problems.WxWidgets the same, it's another multi-platform great piece of code.
In substance the code itself doesn't need any change if you're able to compile the libraries.

good luck and let me know if you can run Omnimeeting on WindowsCE