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  • Massimo Cora'

    Massimo Cora' - 2005-11-29

    Hello there,

    we would really appreciate to know what you think about this software, what improvements you would like to see and the things you dislike.
    Being a laboratory-only software before now it should be great to know if anyone has ideas about its applications in real world.. if they exist :)



    • Richard Ginn

      Richard Ginn - 2006-12-25


      I just got version 0.4 installed on Windows XP but I don't know how to configure it with the webcam.  I also have a 360-degree mirror lens (RemoteReality) to use with it.  I will set it all up and test it with you, but I do need help in configuring it.

      Richard Ginn

    • Massimo Cora'

      Massimo Cora' - 2006-12-26


      well there should not be much work to do to configure the webcam, just set the webcam port recognized by the system [default is 0]. The OpenCV grabbing should to the rest, reading the live video from the cam and streaming it.

      Does it work for you?

    • Joshua Shoemaker

      I have installed omnimeeting on gentoo from CVS. It seems there are a few header file linking issues that the CVS version fixes.

      Steps I had to take to install on gentoo:

      # emerge "=ffmpeg-0.4.9_p20061016" "=live-2005.11.11" nvidia-cg-toolkit wxGTK

      install OpenCv 1.0 : http://sourceforge.net/projects/opencvlibrary

      install FMODex 4.06.25: http://www.fmod.org.

      I had to downgrade live555 down to 2005.11.11 because that was the last version on gentoo at least that still placed the include files in /usr/lib/live, you could technically move them from /usr/include to /usr/lib/live but I haven't tested that.

      Box 1 is using a logitech quickcam chat with the gspca drivers and came up with default 0 on first try.

      Box 2 is using a tv card and immediately pulled the image from the composite input (input 1) and came up on first try. Is this a test the software runs or was my card stuck on composite input 1?

    • trailboss

      trailboss - 2007-10-04

      just what can it do?
      How many users in a conference?
      Do it work like a instant messenger?
      Can you add users to your list?
      Can it be used to stream live for people on my website? meaning,,,lets say i have my cam pointed at my house,can it be used so on a website and all can view and not need to login?

    • Massimo Cora'

      Massimo Cora' - 2007-10-06

      in a conference there can be 6-8 or more users, it depends on the power of pcs you'll use.
      It's not intended to work as an instant messenger, although the support can be implemented on it.
      Unfortunately I have no time to implement such things.
      I think the web-thing is doable, because of the use of the rtsp protocol. You should anyway write a
      Java applet/php application/etc that is able to read the stream and display the content online.



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