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Ryan Flake
  • Ryan Flake

    Ryan Flake - 2004-07-10

    I love your program so far, but I did have one or two questions about some features I'd like to see.
    First, copy & paste availability from the results box (at least of the lists) if it's already there, would someone tell me how to use it?
    Second, is it possible to set up a roll that will reroll for replacement?  Like 4d6 top 3 reroll 1's

    Otherwise, I'm extremely pleased with Omnihedron so far and I'm looking forward to anything more ya'll do with it!


    • Lester Ward

      Lester Ward - 2005-05-16

      Sorry this reply took so long. I'll look into the copy/paste issue. This should be easy to correct.

      As for the reroll replacement, this isn't really necessary. Your "4d6 top 3 reroll 1's" is mathematically identical to "4d5+1 top 3", so just use that as your dice string.

    • Lester Ward

      Lester Ward - 2005-05-16

      Posted too soon. Actually, the correct translation would be "4d5+3 top 3".


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