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Switched to git


I have just finished the SVN to GIT migration.

The source code can now be checked out using:
git clone git://


Posted by Julien Valroff 2010-01-07

Help needed

The omnibook project is in dire need of help.

Mathieu is now unable to go on working on this project.
We hence need people willing to work on the project, mainly developers with good knowledge of the Linux kernel.

In the next couple of weeks, I will work on cleaning the SourceForge project page, switch the code from svn to git, and hopefully be able to release what I would call an alpha version of omnibook, integrating all the patches sent by the community.... read more

Posted by Julien Valroff 2010-01-03

Version 2.20070211 is released

This new version includes among other things:

For ectype 12 (Satellite M40X, M70, M100, ...):
- improved bluetooth control
- cooling method control
- CPU throttling ( ACPI T-States)

Cooling method helps saving battery power by reducing fan activity.
Throttling helps reducing CPU temperature (for
example when something prevent a correct cooling air flow).

There is still an bug that may prevent user from re-enabling a previously disabled wifi adapter.... read more

Posted by Math_B 2007-02-11

Version 2.20060921 is released

This new version introduce Wifi and Bluetooth adapter monitoring and control.
There is improved support for Toshiba Satellite M30X M40X M70 and M100.
Real support for Satellite M40 M45 and Tecra S1 is introduced too.
It will be improved (real hotkeys support) in the next release.

Posted by Math_B 2006-09-21

The project now have a website !

A website have been created for the omnibook project
You will find there on-line version of the various documentation files present in the tarballs.

It is hosted by and is DokuWiki powered

Posted by Math_B 2006-09-18

Version 2.20060817 is released

This should fix the crash bug reported with
the last version.

Posted by Math_B 2006-08-17

Version 2.20060816 is released

This new version improves support of Toshiba Satellites M30X M35X M40X and M70
Also introduce support for M100 an A105

Posted by Math_B 2006-08-16

Version 2.20060809 is released

It's mainly a bugfix release in the Debian package.
The only new feature is the autodetection of the Toshiba Satellite M40X laptop.

Posted by Math_B 2006-08-09

Version 2.20060806 is released

This is an major revision over the kernel module
found in the 'omke' project.
See ChangeLog for details.

Posted by Math_B 2006-08-08

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