#8 Toshiba A100-170


I tried omnibook 2.20060921 and I have a problem: the
configure and install process doesn't give problems,
and even the loading of the module with modprobe
omnibook is ok, but enable only version and dmi features
The dmi file:
less /proc/omnibook/dmi
BIOS Vendor: Phoenix Technologies LTD
BIOS Version: 1.70
BIOS Release: 05/08/2006
System Vendor: TOSHIBA
Product Name: Satellite A100
Version: PSAA9E-01500RIT
Serial Number: 26040743Q
Board Vendor: Intel Corporation
Board Name: Not Applicable
Therefore I tried to load the module with ectype
1,11,12,13,14 (ectype that support at least a Toshiba
model) and even if this enables other features, only
the ectype=14 let me modify the lcd brightness value
but the real brightness don't change!!!
I attach even the dsdt file
Thanks a lot
Tommaso D'Amora


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    Hi, thanks for your input.
    I am waiting for technical documentation from Toshiba for
    laptop models than I believe to be compatible with the A100.
    When I will receive it (I have no time frame) I will implement
    support for it and it will hopefully work with your laptop.
    Since then I can't do much.
    (BTW, your real ectype should be 14, but as you can see the
    actual implementation is missing)
    Thanks for your patience.


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