#16 New laptop report : Toshiba Tecra S1 (with customizations)

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== Description ==
Our university got a deal with Toshiba for supplying the laptop acquisition program at my faculty. While they are supplying the faculty with standard models, they have made some customizations for matching specific requirements for the students (better CPU, LCD with an higher resolution, etc).

While the Tecra S1 is supported by the latest omnibook driver, it doesn't seem to detect my specific model. I have loaded the driver with ectype=13.

Here is a small report on what is working :
* Hotkeys: some are working (sound on/off, brightness); others are registered by atkbd, just unhandled.
* LCD blanking: not supported
* Battery status: not supported; handled by ACPI
* Fan: not supported
* Touchpad control: not supported (it should, though)
* AC adapter: not supported
* External display: OK
* LCD backlight: OK
* Wifi: OK
* Bluetooth: don't have
* Dock: don't have
* Cooling/throttling: not supported

== DMI Strings ==
BIOS Version: Version 2.50
BIOS Release: 03/30/2005
System Vendor: TOSHIBA
Product Name: Tecra S1
Version: PT831C-67CSU
Serial Number: 94029871Q
Board Vendor: TOSHIBA
Board Name: Version A0

== Contact ==
For more information: clemen00 at gel.ulaval.ca

While I am not familiar with the Linux kernel, I am willing to help, if needed.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    DSDT contents for Toshiba Tecra S1 PT831C-67CSU, BIOS Version 2.50

  • Math_B

    Math_B - 2007-03-24

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    Originator: NO

    Known Tecra S1 have "TECRA S1" as their product name string you have "Tecra S1", that's why your are not detected, I will push a fix in the trunk.

    From your report:
    * Hotkeys: OK scancodes handling is a userpace stuff and left as the user discretion
    * Battery status: OK ACPI should do that fine
    * Touchpad control: NO we don't support touchpad for ectype 13.
    * AC adapter: Ok ACPI should do that fine
    * Cooling/throttling: ACK, hope to fix that soon

  • Math_B

    Math_B - 2007-03-24
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