toshiba satellite 1625CDT

  • Mark Stocker

    Mark Stocker - 2003-03-10

    Hi, i've been trying now for about a week to get things running properly with acpi on this laptop.  without acpi support (using newest patches) closing the lid causes the machine to hard lock.  using acpi fixes this problem but causes the fan to be stuck on(comes on and never goes off) i stumbled across  this file seems to work (lcd on / off works) on my laptop.  so this gives me hope that the omnibook utils may be of some help to me.  i tried using the omnibook kernel module but all i get is:
    [root@lappy /proc/omnibook]# ls
    dmi  version
    dmi shows the following:
    BIOS Vendor:   TOSHIBA
    BIOS Version:  1.14.ROM
    BIOS Release:  12/29/2000
    System Vendor: TOSHIBA
    Product Name:  SATELLITE 1625CDT              
    Version:       PS162U-48986                   
    Serial Number: 1013786CU                                                      
    Board Vendor:  Null
    Board Name:    5168
    Board Version: 1234

    any help is greatly appreciated.  thanks!

    • Soós, Péter

      Soós, Péter - 2003-03-10

      Yes because your machine is unsupported yet. Try to load the omnibook module with ectype=1 parameter or please send me the DSDT of you laptop as described in the README file of omnibook module.


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