Pavilion Notebooks

  • Craig Barrett

    Craig Barrett - 2002-04-30

    Is this project likely to apply to HP Pavilion notebooks as well?  I have a Pavilion xh535, and would love to be able to access the volume controls within linux.  Are there any other resources on this that I might check into?


    • Soós, Péter

      Soós, Péter - 2002-06-14

      This project intend to support any HP NoteBooks if possible. Try and report the result.

      • Johnathan Burchill

        The one-touch keys on my HP N5415 Pavilion were enabled with no hassle using the script.

        Using xev,
        the "mail" key maps to keycode 236,
              "www"                                178,
              "arrow"                               244,
              "?"                                      243.

        I removed the code that disables external AC and LCD
        display, and the arbitrary user-passed values. I haven't tried these and don't intend to.

        As a side-note: the display contrast and volume controls are coupled to a "Fn" key, and these are not seen by xev.

        Thanks very much!!!

    • Retired inet handle, now "Fewt

      I would like to have power off, suspend, and battery status support on my ze4210. It seems that everything else is working with the onmibook module. What do I need to do to get the necessary information to you to implement it?

      Thx much for all of your work so far!

    • Soós, Péter

      Soós, Péter - 2003-02-25

      For power off and suspend try swsusp kernel patch ( Battery status is unsupported yet, because it's too hard for me to reverse engineer the battery handling in DSDT table of these type of machines such as your one.

      • Ralph Slooten

        Ralph Slooten - 2003-05-12


        I have a Pavilion ze4200 (ze4268 to be precise), and have also noticed that there is no battery meter here either. I'm guessing it has to do with the same fact that the 4210 isn't compatible (yet). Any idea how lon this will take as fro the answer I guess it's work_in_pogress.
        HTML tags will display in y

        If you want more into:

        BIOS Vendor:   Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
        BIOS Version:  KA.M1.34
        BIOS Release:  12/17/2002
        System Vendor: Hewlett-Packard         
        Product Name:  Pavilion ze4200         
        Version:       KA.M1.34
        Serial Number: CN31002132    
        Board Vendor:  Hewlett-Packard         
        Board Name:    0024                    
        Board Version: PQ1A75

        "ac" and "temperature" work great, but i's battery that I find much more important ;-) And the pmcia modules with mandrake 9.1 really suck (100% freezes the system here), so I'm trying no to resort to those measures ;-)

        Any ideas or help would be appreciated,


    • Knight Shadow

      Knight Shadow - 2003-03-15

      I have a Pavilion N5415.  I upgraded BIOS from Pavilion GE.M1.03 to GE.M1.04 from HP's website for this notebook.  After the flash BIOS now reads as a XE3 notebook.  Got it flashed back down to GE.M1.03 but it still reads as an Omnibook and not a Pavilion.  Could this cause problems?  I havn't really gotten battery indication to work or the fact that AC power is not always present but system says it is and that no battery is detected.  Also if anyone has the Pavilion GE.M1.03 flash or any other one that I can force this back to a Pavilion would help.  TIA


      • Soós, Péter

        Soós, Péter - 2003-03-17

        I think that tha names OmniBook or Pavilion have marketing meanings only. Did you try to reset your machine after BIOS updates. There is a reset switch, see your manual.

    • Chris Cowart

      Chris Cowart - 2003-03-18

      The onetouch support works well on the xh545, so my guess is that it will work on the 535 as well. From my experience, however, the volume buttons worked without the modules... the eight other onetouch buttons needed the module to work.

      Is there a way to force a button to generate a different scancode? The skipback button generates the same scancode (and hence same keycode and keysym) as a key on another device (ATI Remote). I would like the functionality of both buttons as different buttons without hacking at X again.

      • Soós, Péter

        Soós, Péter - 2003-03-18

        As I know the scancodes generated by the hardware (expext the emulated ones on XE3 GC style machines). I don't know any way to override them.

    • Soós, Péter

      Soós, Péter - 2003-06-02

      I have no idea (yet) about getting  battery status without acpi on OB5xx, 6xxx and the  newer (P4 based) HP laptops. I'm working on it, but I have very few spare time now.


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