omnibook vs acpi module

  • LCID Fire

    LCID Fire - 2003-02-05

    So I got the module working now (more or less - I have to unload the acpi or to reload the omnibook module after startup in order for it to work. Handles weird.).
    I'm currently trying to patch the gnome battery applet so that it is capable of getting information out of the omnibook module. So far this wouldn't be a problem but the omnibook module isn't complaint to the acpi module. Everything in /proc is way too different.
    So my question is whether you're planning to change the omnibook structure to a more acpi complaint one.
    That's just a...let's say...wish but there is another problem. In order to patch apps to work with the module it'd be necessary to know the modules version but AFAIK there is no version info to be found in /proc, is it? So that's a thing I think will be really needed.
    What do you guys think?

    • Retired inet handle, now "Fewt

      I concur

    • Soós, Péter

      Soós, Péter - 2003-02-25

      I'll add a /proc/omnibook/version file in the next release.

    • Soós, Péter

      Soós, Péter - 2003-02-25

      I have compiled in ACPI support and have no problem. If you use ACPI try the apmemu=1 option for battery status monitoring applets. I think that the ACPI /proc structure is too difficult for the functionality of this module.


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