Omnibook 900B

eoin kenny
  • eoin kenny

    eoin kenny - 2003-06-13

    Hi all,

    Could somebody help me to modify the omnibook omnibook to work with my omnibook 900B?
    I would like to be able to switch my fan on and off!
    Anyway if you could possibly modify your module to work with the 900B I would be very grateful.
    My setup is:
    I am using debian 2.4.18 kernel with apm and acpi(does not work) enable in the kernel.

    Here are the results of my tests: yes =works, no = unclear.
    1. Pavels results:
    -k No            enable/disable the extra multimedia/onetouch keys
    -d yes            turn on/off the LCD display
    -t No            enable/disable the touchpad
    -p yes            enable/disable the external power
    -u unclear        send command parameter VALUE to Omnibook configution

    Nothing appeared in syslog for any of the above tests.

    2. forced loading of your module:
    ectype 2 and 8 gave some correct results. The other ectypes did not work at all.

    for insmod omnibook ectype=2 I get the following in /proc/omnibook/
    mydebian:/proc/omnibook# ls
    ac       blank    dmi          lcd       temperature  version
    battery  display  key_polling  onetouch  touchpad

    The ac,battery,blank,dmi,lcd,temperature,version all appear to be correct.

    for  insmod omnibook ectype=8 I get the follwoing in /proc/omnibook/
    mydebian:/proc/omnibook# ls
    ac  display  dmi  fan  temperature  version
    mydebian:/proc/omnibook# cat fan
    Fan is off
    All these values appear to be correct. But when I try and switch on the fan the values says the fan is on but it is not!

    mydebian:/proc/omnibook# cat dmi
    BIOS Vendor:   Phoenix Technologies LTD
    BIOS Version:  CL.M3.13
    BIOS Release:  11/11/99
    System Vendor: Hewlett-Packard
    Product Name:  HP OmniBook PC
    Version:       HP OmniBook 900 B
    Serial Number: TW04218178
    Board Vendor:  Hewlett-Packard
    Board Name:    N/A
    Board Version: OmniBook TS32U2

    Unfortunately I cannot get ACPI to work.
    But I used the acpidump command and can send the aml binary file it is is useful to somebody.

    Thanks for helping.

    • Soós, Péter

      Soós, Péter - 2003-06-16

      Please send me the aml file.

    • eoin kenny

      eoin kenny - 2003-06-16

      Hi Peter,
      What e-mail address do you want me to sent the aml file?

      • Soós, Péter

        Soós, Péter - 2003-06-17

        Please send me the aml file and dmi info to the


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