Compal CL56

  • Micrommata

    Micrommata - 2004-11-21


    I have bought a Compal CL56 laptop recently and I have had some problems with ACPI and kernel 2.6.9 (wrong battery info/state readings, no fan and temperature values). So I tried omnibook module and now it works fine.

    I post thiis to offer my help to the developers if they need dmi or dsdt data to include this laptop in their supported models.

    And btw, thanks a lot for your work!

    • Soós, Péter

      Soós, Péter - 2004-11-22

      Yes, please send me the DSDT and DMI info. Thanks.

    • Micrommata

      Micrommata - 2004-11-25


      Just to complete the info in my previous post. Fan works fine, i. e., it switches on only when temperature rises and with variable speed, but /proc/omnibook/fan always says that it's switched on.

      I think that omnibook module is not controlling the fan and neither fan acpi module because I don't load it.

      I don't know for sure, but I supose that it's controlled by the hardware without using the OS

    • Stian B. Barmen

      Stian B. Barmen - 2005-04-03


      I also have a CL56 with the omnibook working. Don't know if you ever got the info needed so I just post it.

      BIOS Vendor:   COMPAL
      BIOS Version:  Version 1.30.02
      BIOS Release:  06/16/2004
      System Vendor: <NULL>
      Product Name:  <NULL>
      Version:       <NULL>
      Serial Number: <NULL>
      Board Vendor:  <NULL>
      Board Name:    <NULL>
      Board Version: <NULL>

      Mailing the aml file no aswell.

      Happy coding! :) (and yes! .. thanks!)


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