#974 Local conflict resolution/Selective TMX update


This RFE requests launching conflict resolution for TMX files located in a designated folder (/tm/conflict or /tm/update, for instance).
The TU's whose source is found in the project, but the text of whose target is different, can be either merged silently, or with user interaction through SuperTMXMerge interface.

If the TU's with changed target don't have timestamp/ID, the date of merging and the name of the tool can be used (like OmegaT or SuperTMXMerge or something else easily identifiable).
In case SuperTMXMerge is capable of comparing metadata, if the new TMX contains TU's whose targets are the same as in the project but metadata are different, those could be silently ignored or dealt with through the SuperTMXMerge interface.

This RFE is different from the way #957 is implemented, as [#957] forces every TU from the new TMX into the project, if the source is the same, regardless the state of the target.

Here's why it's requested:
Sometimes there is a need to merge translations contained in TMX files (possibly and likely non-OmegaT TMX), into OmegaT project. It happens in "mixed" teams when some team members work outside of OmegaT and Team Project mode can't be used for them. Or when the edited target material gets back from the editor/proofreader/client and by the means of alignment or otherwise is transformed into TMX to be included in the OmegaT project, and that part is completely achievable with implemented [#957].
Along with that there is often a need to retain all the project's original metadata that is used for various team management / QA tasks, and there is no way to do it (unless the translation was edited in OmegaT and the new TMX is OmegaT-type), thus this request.


Feature Requests: #957


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