#926 Make Regular expression for custom tags project-specific

  1. What is a custom tag in one project is not necessarily an untranslatable in another project.
  2. This will allow sending a project to a team member with this option already configured instead of asking that team member to configure it manually.

This request is similar to Kos's #824 "RegEx for fragments that should be removed" per project, which I also second.


  • Kos Ivantsov

    Kos Ivantsov - 2013-12-18

    [#824] can be merged with this one, I think.

    And won't it be easier to implement this RFE if project-specific RegEx for custom tags and text to be removed were used in addition to global ones. I know very little about programming, but I think that if both project-specific and global RegEx are checked rather then only one of the two, it should be relatively easy to add two other parameters to the whole tag validation thing, and not to rewrite that part. But that is just my layman's perspective, and things might be much more complicated in the reality. I also include two GUI mock-up images to illustrate how I see it. If they are not helpful, maybe they at least can be entertaining. If not, then I've really screwed it up, sorry.



    Feature Requests: #824

  • Kos Ivantsov

    Kos Ivantsov - 2013-12-18

    And an afterthought. In the Tag Validation dialog those proposed and mocked-up check-boxes to include project-specific RegEx can be omitted (thus leaving the dialog as it is right now). One can just leave appropriate fields empty, and Tag Validation should always check *both global and project-specific sets of these RegEx'es.

  • Héctor Cartagena



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