#676 do not use [auto] as an encoding value


A number of users report that OmegaT does not properly recognize text file encodings.
The problem is that they interpret the [auto] of the text file filter as meaning [automatic recognition].

It would be less troublesome to have [os default] as the encoding value when what OmegaT does is use the OS default encoding, and eventually [declaration] when OmegaT takes it data from the file itself (encoding declaration etc).

Proposed corrections:
Text filter/PO filter/Key-value filter/HTML-XHTML/Subrip/Latex : change [auto] to [os default]
all the other [auto] (incl.XML formats) : change [auto] to [declaration]

This will go a long way easing the processing of text based formats in OmegaT.


  • Yu Tang

    Yu Tang - 2013-07-09

    I'll go with you.
    Current term appears to cause beginners trouble with wrong encoding.

  • Didier Briel

    Didier Briel - 2013-07-10

    [declaration] when OmegaT takes it data from the file itself (encoding declaration etc).

    For XML files, it's not only based on the declaration (it's the heuristic of the XML standard) and it is indeed automatic.


  • Jean-Christophe Helary

    What about:

    [os default] / [auto]

  • Didier Briel

    Didier Briel - 2015-05-15

    With the introduction of charset recognition, and forcing UTF-8 on target for most formats, this RFE is obsolete.

    I close as "out of date".


  • Didier Briel

    Didier Briel - 2015-05-15
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date
    • Group: --> 2.6

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