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Omega48 v. released

- Many code improvements;
- Changed version control. Now we have the version of the driver,
port monitor and Omega48 Product Version separately. And Build's number;
- Removed Level2 from the port monitor server DLL EnumPorts function;
- Added 4 commands to installer: "install", "uninstall", "reinstall" and "help".

Posted by dennis_s 2010-07-20

Omega48 v.0.5.2 released

Fixed two bugs. Now Omega48 can print any documents from MS Office application and can print one document one, two or more times.

Posted by dennis_s 2010-04-29

Omega48 v.0.5.1 released

Fixed bug with memory leak, minor fixes and cleanups, changed Omega48 Logo.

Posted by dennis_s 2010-03-25

Omega48 v.0.5.Beta released

It's a Beta version of Omega48.v.0.5.
Added printer port monitor with port name "OM48". Changed printer driver dialog - added choosing of the client name. Major code improvements. Minor bug fixing.

Posted by dennis_s 2009-11-25

Omega48 version 0.4.5 released.

At new release we added: checking for file location, patterns for file name, "Browse" button to "Device Settings" dialog. Now user can choose file location on standart dialog.
Now we start working on the project web site.

Posted by dennis_s 2009-10-27

Omega48 version 0.4 released.

Added new output format. It's text (Unicode or default ANSI).
Fixed bug with wrong processing a calling ResetDC.

Posted by dennis_s 2009-09-15

Omega48 version 0.3 released.

Added new output format. It's a Microsoft Windows Bitmap.
Added new "Document Properties" dialog page. Now can change "paper size", "paper orientation" and "resolution" of the output file.
Changed Omega48 logo.
Download it on

Posted by dennis_s 2009-08-05

New release

Omega48 version 0.2 released.
Added new output format (EMF).
Added GUI for changing output format, and selecting the file location and file name.
Please visit project's download page:

Posted by dennis_s 2009-07-16