aight so i've been running qmail with omail-admin for a while, and some of my users expressed interesting in me adding spamassassin functionality.  so off to the races i went.
i have v2.55 of spamassassin installed, and updated to v1a of omailadmin, and looked at the version 1.0 of the ospam perl script.
after some test runs, i found spamassassin would filter my emails, but it wasn't re-inserting them back into the mail queue for delivery.  I read some notes i believe at the spamassassin site that newer versions of spamassassin rely on an outside program to reinsert the mail into the queue.  i do not have qmail-scanner setup, from my understanding of the scattered info i do not need to. (i'm not interesting in implementing spamassassin site-wide, rather letting each user decide).  after looking at the .qmail files the script creates i'm a little confused as to how all of these puzzle pieces fit together.  does the ospam script assume i'm running an older version of spamassassin (where spamc has the functionality to reinsert mail into the queue). should i setup the qmail-spamc patch offered with the new version of spamassassin and edit the file to use this instead of the standard spamc program ?
I've briefly looked at the new version scripts, but i'm unsure if they help me out any here, or if they just include new features that i probably wouldn't be interested at this time anyways.
any insight into this would be greatly appreciated, i'm a great fan of olivers software (and efforts), but i'm greatly confused by the scattered documentation
plz and thank you