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SVN migration

The project is finally migrated to the sourceforge SVN, which is used as the working svn now. Current version utilises Unicode and [r15 tested on Suse Linux 10.1 and Windows (XP, Vista) and r22 tested on MacOSX Leopard 10.5] and provides several new modules such as a Java applet (try it here: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/~pcxod/olex2ja.html [Windows only]), Olex2 viewer DLL and Olex2 console application. Amongst new features are Fourier maps calculation, better support for Shelx restraints and atom type analysis, updated GUI (downloadable with distribution at http://www.dimas.dur.ac.uk/olex\), built-in fonts support for use with various flavours of Linux and Mac, where anti-aliased fonts might not look very well and many other features.

Posted by Oleg Dolomanov 2008-07-05

Olex2: Version 1.1

Olex2 is visualisation software for small-molecule crystallography developed at Durham University/EPSRC. It provides comprehensive tools for crystallographic model manipulation for the end user and an extensible development framework for programmers.

The previous version was frozen at the state the project was presented at ECM24 in Marrakesh. The new release includes major changes to the Olex2 standard library and includes new functionality such as calculating and 2D visualisation voids, test for missing symmetry (at development state yet), advanced fragment matching mode which allows to do the comparison of structure with Z’ larger then 2 and many other advancements. There is a precompiled version for Win32/64 which is located at http://www.olex2.org.

Posted by Oleg Dolomanov 2007-11-29

LCells source code available

LCells is a utility to index local crystallographic file (ins and cif) and to perform search of structures by unit cell parameters or connectivity. The latest release also include search by any instruction found in Shelx ins files or space group. It also provides a tree like browser of the index files and comprehensive molecule viewer. The latest version is based on the same crystallographic libraries Olex2 is. Please refer to http://www.ccp14.ac.uk/ccp/web-mirrors/lcells/reprints/lcells_reprint.pdf. The project can be build with Borland C++ Builder 6. We will provide executables shortly.

Posted by Oleg Dolomanov 2007-11-29