Dear olap4j fellas,

This is a quick note to mention that I've begun working on a maintenance release of olap4j 1.2.0 along with olap4j-xmlaserver. I'm sure you would have preferred that I announce having finished olap4j 2.0, but... yeah... some other time.

There are a few reasons why this maintenance release is necessary.

First off, the olap4j-xmlaserver project has grown into its own thing and we need to do a proper release of it some time. We have never made a proper release of it and it is still published as a SNAPSHOT build. Now is as good as any other time.

Second (but related to the first reason) is the coming of Mondrian 4. We'll begin doing some releases of the Mondrian 4.X code line in experimental projects, so we want all dependencies to be fixed to specific versions. We can't release code with SNAPSHOT dependencies for obvious reasons.

Third, well, it's simply about time we released something. There were a few good bug fixes since the 1.1.0 release and we'd like to make them available at large.

If you have any questions / comments, ask away.