We are software developers working on Pentaho technologies via olap4j / XML/A.

Because sometimes Mondrian is not appropriate we also use Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.




We are running a XML/A client using olap4j 1.2 and Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2012.

We have a simple star schema on SSAS but one dimension can have more then 1.000.000 members. I know bad design L , but the CUBES are made from another company.


So, when there is lots of members we get ERROR :


08:21:15.189 c.r.m.server.run.SchemaTester INFO       Level: [Dokument - finančni].[Dokument - finančni].[©tevilka dokumenta] -> Type: REGULAR

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Requested array size exceeds VM limit

       at java.util.Arrays.copyOf(Arrays.java:2271)

       at java.io.ByteArrayOutputStream.grow(ByteArrayOutputStream.java:113)

       at java.io.ByteArrayOutputStream.ensureCapacity(ByteArrayOutputStream.java:93)

       at java.io.ByteArrayOutputStream.write(ByteArrayOutputStream.java:140)

       at org.olap4j.driver.xmla.proxy.XmlaOlap4jHttpProxy.getResponse(XmlaOlap4jHttpProxy.java:150)

       at org.olap4j.driver.xmla.proxy.XmlaOlap4jAbstractHttpProxy.get(XmlaOlap4jAbstractHttpProxy.java:181)

       at org.olap4j.driver.xmla.proxy.XmlaOlap4jHttpProxy.get(XmlaOlap4jHttpProxy.java:42)

       at org.olap4j.driver.xmla.XmlaOlap4jConnection.executeMetadataRequest(XmlaOlap4jConnection.java:876)

       at org.olap4j.driver.xmla.XmlaOlap4jConnection.populateList(XmlaOlap4jConnection.java:851)

       at org.olap4j.driver.xmla.DeferredNamedListImpl.populateList(DeferredNamedListImpl.java:136)

       at org.olap4j.driver.xmla.DeferredNamedListImpl.getList(DeferredNamedListImpl.java:90)

       at org.olap4j.driver.xmla.DeferredNamedListImpl.size(DeferredNamedListImpl.java:116)

       at com.resevo.dev.olap.SchemaTester.main(SchemaTester.java:134)


Call line:for(Member child : member.getChildMembers()) {...}


The actual response from server is 97mb of gzip-ed data that gets extracted to about 1.25gb byte array. So we're breaching limit of single array instance, not limitations of memory available JVM (8gb).



Is there any other way to lets say load dimension members in smaller chunks like in SQL via  [LIMIT { number | ALL }] [OFFSET number] or do you suggest any other way?


Are there any plans to change reading of XMLA responses from current DOM/Xerces implementation to a StAX/streaming one so we don't have to keep full response in memory?


Thanks in advance.


Kind regards,


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