ORACLE Database and Olap4j API


    MANISH PALIWAL - 2013-02-18


    I am new in OLAP environment. I am exploring OLAP for MIS Reporting and Analytically analysis.

    I have created Dimensions (Product, Day, Locations etc) and FACT_TABLE which have relations with Dimensions with the help of Keys. Each Dimension have a reference key for specific value and same reference is used in FACT_TABLE to store the data. I developed an GUI application to represent data in tabular and chart format with the help of Jquery/JqChart.

    I am confused after reading some topics on internet related to OLAP DB.

    Please guide me how OLAP4J can help me to fetch data from ORACLE Normal DB? or What is the best way to develop such application for Oracle databases(MySQL or other database too).


  • Julian Hyde

    Julian Hyde - 2013-02-18

    I recommend that you use the Mondrian engine. It has an olap4j interface, several UIs including Pentaho Analysis and Saiku, and works against many DBMSs, Oracle included.


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