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SpamCop autoreport frm MS Outlook folder / News: Recent posts

First useful release

The 1.0 release is actually pretty usable. You can have just about any kind of account and it will still work. You will need to edit the .vbs file to add your account and password info for the paid accounts.

The included .BAT file shows how to run it, but also includes some junk to log reported spams and debug info ala

Finally, please note that this script is absolutly HORRIBLE programming. The very VERY worst sort of crap you will ever find anywhere. It wasn't meant to look pretty or make sense. Just to work. Any prospective empoyers or clients are kindly asked to pretend I didn't write it.... read more

Posted by James Newton 2004-12-22

Initial release

First more-or-less working version of a script to auto-report all spam from an Outlook 98 / 2k folder to

Posted by James Newton 2001-10-26