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Project split

As I was getting increasingly frustrated by the lack of order on this project page (caused by it's hosting of both the Engine and a ruleset), I have split the project into 2 separate ones. The Engine can from now on be found at http://sf.net/projects/pbemengine and the Ovoron's Legacy ruleset can be found at http://sf.net/projects/ovoronslegacy

This page will for the time being keep hosting the downloads of the PBEM Engine, though they will be moved to the new project as soon as I have time to do so

Posted by Jeroen Steenbeeke 2006-11-14

PBEM Engine Alpha released

I have just finished uploading the files for the alpha release of the PBEM Engine. The version number is 0.1.0a (please refer to the site doc section for more information about version numbering).

The bad news however is that the release does not include any rulesets. In other words: it can run PBEMs, but there aren't any available yet. I'll start working on my own PBEM, Ovoron's Legacy, as soon as possible.

Posted by Jeroen Steenbeeke 2005-11-22

File Releases taken offline

I am in the process of giving both OL Tactical and OL Map Maker a massive overhaul - I'm basicly recoding them from scratch, and refittingthem with improved graphics (courtesy of Bracket from the Game Vs. Player project) - these graphics will also be part of the e-mails the game will send out, but right now my priorities are with the Engine, not the game.

The Engine is coming along nicely, I'm almost finished coding the webserver part, and there's fairly little left to do on the rest of the Engine, except the POP3 and SMTP implementation (for which I'll be looking for help once again). I'm also looking for someone who is willing to design the website for the Remote Administration site - and if willing, to provide a new design for pbemengine.nl, I think the current one is a bit simple.

Posted by Jeroen Steenbeeke 2005-09-14

PBEM Engine Website Launches

Last Friday the new http://www.pbemengine.nl website went online. This site will be both a community website as well as a developer resource.

Posted by Jeroen Steenbeeke 2005-07-10

Updates to both Tactical and MapMaker

Due to the 1.5 version of Java - both OL Tactical and OL MapMaker looked rather awful - the images weren't really transparent anymore - so I had to apply a few minor fixes. The next release of MapMaker will probably feature a change in save file format.

Posted by Jeroen Steenbeeke 2005-05-28

OL Map Maker updated

I've made a new addition to the Map Maker utility. It now uses REAL hexagonal tiles rather than aligned squares. I'm currently working on implementing this in the OL Tactical utility too, but since it has a lot more images, it may take a while

Posted by Jeroen Steenbeeke 2004-06-17

OL Map Maker released

Though this program was initially part of the OL Server program, I decided to make it a standalone program.

I encourage people to try it out, and send me the maps they create. This will give me insight on how people imagine OL will be, as well as provide me with some nice battegrounds for Alpha and Beta testing.

Posted by Jeroen Steenbeeke 2004-02-23

OL Tactical 1.0 beta 3 released

Only some minor changes, including the addition of an About Screen. The JAR package has been rearranged slightly, so the Javadoc is now part of the main directory structure

Posted by Jeroen Steenbeeke 2004-02-17

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