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Thanks, retrospection and outlook

Thanks to all users of OL LookForDuplicates who applied the tool and provided valuable feedback. I really appreciated your questions and comments.

In the last months the number of downloads reached quite a high level. This confirms the continuing demand for a tool to easily remove duplicates in Microsoft Office Outlook. In contrast, the number of requests regarding installation problems decreased significantly this year. I would like to blame it on the instructions at https://sourceforge.net/p/ol-lookfordups/wiki/Home/ which have been continuously improved based on users' feedback.... read more

Posted by Meigel 2015-12-28

Announcement: Support for Microsoft Office Outlook 2013

Thanks to recent reports of users who successfully used OL LookForDuplicates, I am happy to announce support of all versions up to Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 even on 64-bit editions of Microsoft Windows up to Microsoft Windows 8. I updated the TracWiki accordingly.

I would also like to thank all of you for your positive feedback.

Posted by Meigel 2014-05-05

Release: Outlook LookForDuplicates 1.5

The current release includes some new features suggested by various users. Thank you for your feedback!

Posted by Meigel 2012-02-13

Documentation on TracWiki

The documentation of OL LookForDuplicates is now available at http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/ol-lookfordups/ offering information about the project as well as installation instructions.

Posted by Meigel 2009-11-17

Bugfix-Release: Outlook LookForDuplicates 1.4.2

This maintenance release fixes some bugs which have been reported since the last release.
Thanks to all contributors out there.

Posted by Meigel 2009-02-27

Thanks and announcement

On the occasion of the first birthday of my SF-project OL LookForDuplicates, I would like to thank all of you, who downloaded the macro and gave it a try.
Furthermore, I received a lot of valuable feedback regarding installation problems as well as improvements to be included. Thanks a lot for that!

I aim to release a new version in 2008-Q4 including new features and simplifying the installation and handling of OL LookForDups.... read more

Posted by Meigel 2008-06-11

Release: Outlook LookForDuplicates 1.4

The third public release has now an automatic removal button for all duplicate entries.

Posted by Meigel 2007-07-05

Release: Outlook LookForDuplicates 1.3

The second public release has now multi-language support.
Additionally, installation notes are now included in the package.

Posted by Meigel 2007-06-20

Release: Outlook LookForDuplicates 1.2

The first offical release is published.
It was developed and tested in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 SP2.

Posted by Meigel 2007-06-08