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OpenJavaTradingSystem v0.13 released

Version 0.13 of OpenJavaTradingSystem was released today.

before you start to use the packages:
!!you will need jdk1.5 to run the bin packages!!

i did not yet have the time to update the documentation for version 0.13 on the web-site. i will add the new documentation in the next few days.

among the new and noteworthy functionality in this new release are the following items:
- added an OnVista data input handler to retrieve free stock, fund and currency data from this provider.
- implemented currencies
- db structures
- retrieval of values from onvista
- conversion of values for security papers to and from given currencies
- restructured the Functionality "namespace" class into several more specialized versions.
- finished the implementation of portfolios and its evaluation methods.
- added a general framework on how to apply algorithms to stock market time series.
- plus some algorithms like moving average, log scale, ...
- switched from the SISC/Scheme interactive shell to ABCL/CommonLisp plus its editor called "j".
- added a general data caching mechanism to cache data that was already retrieved over the web in the file system.... read more

Posted by Christian Schuhegger 2005-06-01

only use anonymous cvs version

the last file release is really outdated! if you are interested in the project i strongly recommend you to use the public CVS access.

i am currently in the process of switching from SISC/scheme to ABCL/CommonLisp. i am just to used to work in common lisp so that working in scheme is really a pain. luckily i found a really cool common lisp implementation in java: ABCL.

the next release of the project will be soon. i am currently doing the final cleaning work and polishing of details. the next release will be considered beta, because the classes and interfaces are stabilizing.

Posted by Christian Schuhegger 2005-05-28

First alpha release now available

This is the first release of the OpenJavaTradingSystem. This release is meant to give you a first impression of what the project can do for you and where the project is going in the future. The project is a pure Java project and designed in such a way that you can easily integrate its functionality into your own applications.

Posted by Christian Schuhegger 2004-12-05