Rob Gordon - 2012-02-09

Just a note on a problem I noticed when moving computers - The Scheduling Example hangs in the FTP task, and worse - can't be stopped!

The example runs fine from the desktop - I get a prompt asking if I want to block incoming connections from Java - I click no and everything works great. When I run the Scheduling Example with Oddjob Running as a Windows Service the firewall just blocks the incoming connection that the server is trying to make to send the data back, and so the client hangs forever waiting to accept the incoming connection.

The simple solution is to set the passive property to true so that the task uses passive ftp, and the server doesn't attempt to open a connection back to the client. The worse problem is that the FTP task isn't stoppable.

I will have a look at why FTPClient.disconnect, which is what that stop method calls on the underlying Apache Commons Net code, doesn't work. I will also look at adding a timeout property to the FTP job.