OHLA 0.5 will most likely be released within the month.

I have been busy the last few months upgrading OHLA to the new IEEE 1516 Evolved standard. I just made a large commit to SVN of the bulk of the code. I am going through all of the past tests, porting them to the IEEE 1516 Evolved API.

I have also taken the time to migrate away from MINA and to Netty. It is a similar asynchronous networking API, but it is cleaner and more efficient. I also took the time to implement custom encoding for all the messages, instead of the default Java serialization of previous versions.

I revisited the DDM implementation and believe I am on the right track vs. my previous implementation that was not quite correct (or even fully implemented). I do think there is still some time management bugs, but I will begin tracking those down after I have most of the common test cases passing.

Furthermore, in the next few months I will try to write some performance benchmark applications to see how the new OHLA stacks up against some other RTIs out there.

Thanks for your patience,