IEEE1516e scaffolding class problem

  • vvkir

    vvkir - 2012-01-03

    I probably found a bug in IEEE1516e xml-parser code ( which restricts the use of scaffolding ineraction classes. An interaction class is created when SAX parser handles the "</order>" tag. But there is only the "<name>" tag in scaffolding class impelementation so it doesn't event make an attempt to create an interaction class hierarchy. Application crashes with null poiner exception when RTI tries to merge FDDs and finds null instead of interaction root in loaded FDDs.

  • Michael Newcomb

    Michael Newcomb - 2012-01-03

    I think the XSD requires the name, transportation, and order tags (in that order). I create the InteractionClass when I get the order tag because it is last.

    I should probably add schema validation. I think that would help with identifying problems.


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