Testsuite for beginner

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2013-02-09

    Hi everyone,

    i have problem with open HLA testsuite. I cant run that for any cost….

    What i do:
    1, Donwlouad open 0.5 version from sourceforge.net.
    2, Unpack all of that into D:/HLA

    What i tried
    1, windows: cmd
    2, d:
    3, cd HLA
    4, cd build (in folder build are only folder intellij and file build.xml)
    5, I tried: ant start-rti; 'antstart-rti'; ant start-rti2; 'antstart-rti2'
    6, Errors type: "Ant isnt name of command."

    1, cd HLA
    2, java.exe hla-1.3.jar (or java.exe ohla-rti.jar etc.)
    3, Error type: Couldn load or find main class hla-1.3.jar

    Can you give me simple manual how to begin with open HLA?
    Exist any graffic interface for open HLA (as pit RTI has)?

    Thanks so much for you time…


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