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  • Mathias Vormelcher

    i tried to use the Request Attribute Value Update service but i did not get the Provide callback. according to source code the Request service is not implemented yet, is that right? Do you a list  of RTI Ambassador services that aren't implemented yet? or what service groups will be complete in 0.3?


    • Michael Newcomb

      Michael Newcomb - 2006-10-09

      Off the top of my head (sorry I don't have a list) 0.2 does NOT have:

      Synch Points

      And of course the request object update.

      v0.3 *should* have all of the functionality implemented (that's why it has taken so long). Below are the % complete numbers for 0.3:

      DDM - 85%
      Time - 30%
      Save/Restore - 90%
      Synch Points - 100%
      Ownership - 90%

      Hopefully will get 0.3 out by the end of the month...


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