tuxdna - 2011-07-14

Building with following commit with source from
commit f2559100209b85185467f9f0c5caca350df0d50f

$ ./build all
unhandled /etc/issue result: fedora
Generating hash headers
Found gperf, making headers…
Found ragel, compiling…
Compiling actionscript.rl
Compiling ada.rl
Compiling assembler.rl
Compiling autoconf.rl
Compiling automake.rl
Compiling awk.rl
Compiling bat.rl
Compiling bfpp.rl
Compiling blitzmax.rl
Compiling boo.rl
Compiling brainfuck.rl
Compiling chaiscript.rl
Compiling classic_basic.rl
Compiling clearsilverhtml.rl
Compiling clearsilver.rl
Compiling cmake.rl
Compiling common.rl
Compiling c.rl
Compiling cs_aspx.rl
Compiling css.rl
Compiling dcl.rl
Compiling d.rl
Compiling dylan.rl
Compiling ebuild.rl
Compiling eiffel.rl
Compiling erlang.rl
Compiling exheres.rl
Compiling factor.rl
Compiling fortranfixed.rl
Compiling fortranfree.rl
Compiling fsharp.rl
Compiling glsl.rl
Compiling golang.rl
Compiling groovy.rl
Compiling haml.rl
Compiling haskell.rl
Compiling haxe.rl
Compiling html.rl
Compiling idl_pvwave.rl
Compiling java.rl
Compiling javascript.rl
Compiling jsp.rl
Compiling limbo.rl
Compiling lisp.rl
Compiling lua.rl
Compiling makefile.rl
Compiling matlab.rl
Compiling metafont.rl
Compiling metapost.rl
Compiling metapost_with_tex.rl
Compiling modula2.rl
Compiling modula3.rl
Compiling mxml.rl
Compiling nix.rl
Compiling nsis.rl
Compiling oberon.rl
Compiling objective_c.rl
Compiling objective_j.rl
Compiling ocaml.rl
Compiling octave.rl
Compiling pascal.rl
Compiling perl.rl
Compiling phphtml.rl
Compiling php.rl
Compiling pike.rl
Compiling puppet.rl
Compiling python.rl
Compiling rexx.rl
Compiling rhtml.rl
Compiling r.rl
Compiling ruby.rl
Compiling scala.rl
Compiling scilab.rl
Compiling shell.rl
Compiling smalltalk.rl
Compiling sql.rl
Compiling stratego.rl
Compiling structured_basic.rl
Compiling tcl.rl
Compiling tex.rl
Compiling vb_aspx.rl
Compiling vhdl.rl
Compiling vim.rl
Compiling visual_basic.rl
Compiling xaml.rl
Compiling xml.rl
Compiling xmlschema.rl
Compiling xslt.rl
Building src/parser.c (will take a while)
Building Ohcount
Building test suite
Running test suite
Running sourcefile tests
Running detector tests
run_tests: test/unit/detector_test.h:93: test_detector_detect_polyglot: Assertion `lang' failed.
sh: line 1: 23604 Aborted                 (core dumped) ./run_tests
Generating Ruby bindings for x86_64-linux_fedora
ruby/ohcount_wrap.c: In function ‘SWIG_Ruby_define_class’:
ruby/ohcount_wrap.c:1493:9: warning: variable ‘klass’ set but not used
unhandled /etc/issue result: fedora
unhandled /etc/issue result: fedora
unhandled /etc/issue result: fedora
Loaded suite ruby_test
Finished in 1.309073 seconds.

  1) Error:
NoMethodError: undefined method `language' for nil:NilClass
    ./source_file_test.rb:12:in `test_diff'

  2) Error:
NoMethodError: undefined method `language' for nil:NilClass
    ./source_file_test.rb:23:in `test_empty_diff'

79 tests, 156 assertions, 0 failures, 2 errors