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Ogre Meshy / News: Recent posts

Re-uploaded Win32 binaries v1.1

Apparently there's been some strange bug while building the project file that caused MSVC to embed the manifest files incorrectly for the Win32 version. This caused some of you to get a "missing MSVCP90.dll" message when launching the application; even though the redist were installed in the system.

I've reuploaded a fixed version. Please download Ogre Meshy v1.1 again to fix any issues you may be having.

Posted by Dark_Sylinc 2011-03-08

Linux support added!

We're proud to announce since version 0.9 we now have Linux support!
What are you waiting for? Go download it!

Linux support is new and isn't yet as thoroughly tested as the Windows version. So a few bugs may arise.
You can choose between download precompiled 64-bit binaries, or compiling the source code yourself. Give it a try!
Share your experience at

Posted by Dark_Sylinc 2011-01-08