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Version 1.6.2 released

Due to a patch from the community (thanks to ogrinux) we are able to do binary releases again (without regenerating ogre4j). We have uploaded prebuilt packages for Windows and OSX. People building from source are now able to use OGRE 1.6.2 without any patches.

Posted by Christoph Nenning 2009-06-05

Maintenance release for 1.6.0

Shortly after the initial ogre4j 1.6.0 release, a mem leak was reported in the bug tracker. That leak was in native string conversion code and required some changes in XBiG and a regeneration of ogre4j. Beside that, this release contains new native code which allowed us to create the OGRE BezierPatch and Fresnel Demos in Java. Our Eclipse plugin has been updated to use the new binaries as well. Note that the mem leak exists in ogre4j 1.4.x, too. Please see release notes for more details.

Posted by Christoph Nenning 2008-12-17

Version 1.6.0 released

We are pround to present our Java binding for OGRE 1.6.0. OGRE's new custom memory allocators discovered some bugs in XBiG (our code generator) which delayed this release a little. Moreover we provide OSX binaries now. Please see the release notes for further information.

Posted by Christoph Nenning 2008-11-25

WebSite fixed

For the last weeks the front page of the web site was broken because sf.net changed the feed URLs to use SSL encryption. Today I checked the URLs again and changed some settings of the feed reader API (SimplePie) and hey it's working again. Don't know what that was all about but I assume the problem with the feeds was related to the changes of the sf.net server infrastructure.

Posted by Anonymous 2008-07-28

Version 1.4.9

As the OGRE team released a new version, we updated our windows binaries. Please note that this release has been built with VS 2005 and not 2003 as older releases.

Posted by Christoph Nenning 2008-06-17

Version 1.4.8

As the OGRE project released version 1.4.8, we updated our prebuilt windows package. Our new source release is compileable with gcc again.
Please note that the Eclipse plugin does not use OGRE 1.4.8, see it's release notes for details.

Posted by Christoph Nenning 2008-05-13

Show us your applications!

Hey users of ogre4j out there. We're wondering what you are developing with ogre4j. We would love to read/hear about projects using ogre4j. Please introduce your projects at our showcase forum:

Posted by Anonymous 2008-04-15


The OGRE guys released version 1.4.7 and we have updated our windows binaries, too. Please note that ogre4j also got some patches, see release notes for details. As our Eclipse plugin contains patched OGRE binaries it has not been updated, yet.

Posted by Christoph Nenning 2008-03-07

New release of Eclipse plugin

Our Eclipse plugin has been updated! It is still based on the latest OGRE release (1.4.6) but includes some patches for OGRE, ogre4j and the Eclipse plugin. See release notes for more details:

The version number differs from OGRE and ogre4j now, as OSGi allows only three parts. So is not possible :(.

Posted by Christoph Nenning 2008-03-03

Spanish blog

I have some cool news for our Spanish speaking users! Under http://ogre4j-spanish.blogspot.com/ has started a blog about ogre4j.
It's good to see a community evolve!

Posted by Christoph Nenning 2008-02-12

Collision Detection and Vecmath

We added several plug-ins to integrate a simple collision detection mechanism for ogre4j based applications. org.ogre4j.eclipse.opcode is a small wrapper to the collision detection library OPCODE and can be used for more precise collision calculations than OGREs scene query provides. Because we use the vector mathematics from Java3D we provide an enabling plug-in for the library vecmath as well.


Posted by Anonymous 2008-01-28

Eclipse Management Code and Meshviewer

Some minutes ago we committed additional code for the eclipse integration.

The eclipse plug-in org.ogre4j.eclipse now provides basic management code to hanlde OGRE. Now there is a RenderWindowPool which manages pairs of SWT Canvases and ogre4j IRenderWindows. This pool is necessary to have multiple windows while OpenGL is used.

As demonstation and sample code there is now an simple Meshviewer which can open meshes from the Eclipse workspace, through the "Open File" Dialog and Drag&Drop. Materials and other resources must lay in the same directory to be displayed properly.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2008-01-23

Updated Windows binaries to 1.4.6

The prebuilt Windows binaries have been linked against OGRE 1.4.6.

Posted by Christoph Nenning 2008-01-07

Mac OS X binary release

Hi Mac-User out there. We're happy to provide you with a i386 binary jnilib of ogre4j for MacOSX! Just make sure that the Ogre SDK is installed in /Library/Frameworks/ afterwards grab the binary distribution of ogre4j at http://downloads.sourceforge.net/ogre4j/ogre4j-1.4.5-beta4-bin-macosx.tar.bz2 and copy the libogre4j.jnilib into /usr/lib.

Have fun ;)

Posted by Christoph Nenning 2007-11-05

Version 1.4.5 released

There is a new version of OGRE available! We updated our Windows binaries to use that new SDK. The Eclipse update-site offers the new version, too.

Posted by Christoph Nenning 2007-10-01

Tracker Categories and Groups

Since we have some traffic on this project now we updated/added the tracker categories and groups. Everybody who tests and works with ogre4j is welcome to use the trackers to report bugs, ask for features or submit patches.

Please search the trackers if your issue was submitted before and point to the tracker new item if you started a discussion in the forums previously.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-09-25

Another video

There is a new video in the videos section! It shows an ogre4j view inside IBM Expeditor. Enjoy!

Posted by Christoph Nenning 2007-09-21

Videos alla Youtube

Hey we got a new feature on our website. In addition to the webstart demos we are going to provide videos that show ogre4j in action. The first video shows the integration of ogre4j in Lotus Notes 8 Beta2.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-09-17

Website relaunch finished

The relaunch of the website is now complete. Webstart and Update site are in the new look too and the layout should work with IE6-7, Firefox and Safari. If you encounter any problems while browsing the site please report it in the bug tracker.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-09-06

ogre4j Technical Report

We assembled a paper about ogre4j. It covers the questions why this project exits, a very brief description how it works, which alternatives are available in the open source universe and what are the future plans for it. Read more: http://ogre4j.sourceforge.net/doc/ogre4j_tecreport.pdf

Posted by Anonymous 2007-08-01

Linux and Mac Developers plz test!

The main development platform of ogre4j is MS$ Windows but OGRE is cross platform and Java too. Because of that we need assistance in testing ogre4j on other platforms than Windows. Linux and Mac developers are highly welcome to test ogre4j. We are looking forward to get feedback and patches.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-08-01

Shutdown of drupal and phpBB2

At the moment we are re-designing the ogre4j web site and we already moved most of the content from the web space of "www.ogre4j.org" to "ogre4j.sourceforge.net". Few minutes ago we shut down the old CMS and the forums. The domain ogre4j.org will live on but only for email addresses. Hits of http://www.ogre4j.org will be redirected to http://ogre4j.sourceforge.net.

Why we're doing this? We used Drupal as CMS and phpBB2 as forums software. These software wants to be updated to have a secure web site. Now we're using the Sourceforge facilities to get rid of software update issues. Hopefully you, the users will benefit from these steps too.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-07-26

Second ogre4j 1.4.3 beta released

We are proud to announce another release of ogre4j. Version 1.4.3 beta2 introduces some API changes and completes some of the major functionalities we want to have in the JNI wrapper. Everybody is welcome to download and test ogre4j. Please report bugs with the sf.net tracker. We are going to assemble more demo applications to demonstrate the abilities of this project.

In addition to the pure Java native interfaces we are going to provide a Eclipse plug-in for ogre4j and a UI tool kit based on ogre4j. Stay tuned for more news about the Eclipse integration.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-07-24

Java Webstart

We enabled the first ogre4j example based on the current version, HelloWorld, for Java Webstart. At http://ogre4j.sourceforge.net/webstart/ you will find a short description of the examples, the prerequisites that are necessary and the links to the JNLP files.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-07-04

ogre4j 1.4.2 alpha

First preview to the bindings for OGRE 1.4.2 'Eihort' is available in the donwload section.

Posted by Kai K. 2007-06-19

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