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Version 0.9 is Released

This version has some very minor changes to support GCC 3.2/Glibc 2.3 systems.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-10-01

Version 0.8 is Released

New in OGLFT version 0.8

* Added the ability to draw numbers with a format la printf.
There is also a format, %p, which will draw the number as
a fraction.

* Updated the source to be compilable with G++ 3.

* Added an (untested) Qt project for OSs which don't support

* Note: FreeType versions 2.0.9 through 2.1.2 contain a bug which
prevents rotated text from being rendered correctly.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-07-12

Version 0.7 is Released

Version 0.7 of OGLFT adds support for UNICODE
character rendering via the Qt QString class.
You can also append more than one font file to
an OGLFT face to increase the UNICODE point coverage
(or even for special effects).

Also, there was a memory leak when deleting faces
which cached their glyphs as display lists (which
is the default behavior).

Posted by Anonymous 2002-03-26

Version 0.6 is Released

Version 0.6 of OGLFT is available. Updates include:
Fixed a pervasive memory leak (must call FT_Done_Glyph after each call to FT_Get_Glyph), measure() now queries the OpenGL view and calls gluUnProject to compute accurate glyph sizes, autoconf-enabled, there is a user color callback for drawing the Outline face and color and texture coordinate callbacks for the Filled face, can pass an already open FreeType FT_Face to a rendering style, and changes to improve compilation on the SGI.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-02-05

OGLFT 0.0 is Released

The first public release of OGLFT is now available.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-07-14