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  • Drudge

    Drudge - 2006-04-08

    Hi all (or only Fruminator :)

    I sayd in the Help Forum that i'll mad a Windows Tool.
    So on, the core is finished.
    Some Tests need to to, then a download link is aviable.

    Wanna do a look?

    *Easy un/check what Ogle should do
    *Profile "Manager" to load/save settings
    *Automatic copy/rename system opengl32.dll

    Features(in future):
    Tell me what you want or extend the Ogle.dll with some features :)

    Also this Tool needs .NET Framework
    dont get angy, i dont liked to it.
    but i can/have learned more, and it have(realy) good features :)
    so, download or have it to use my tool

    To Admin: Would you like the Tool to download on this site? if not i'll make a own HP ;)

    Best regards

    • Michael Frumin

      Michael Frumin - 2006-04-08

      WOW, Alex, this is AWESOME!!!!!

      I would love to distribute your stuff as part of the OGLE toolset.  would you be ok with your code being Open-Source with the GPL license?

      I am currently adding more texture-capturing features to the OGLE DLL, but they require an update in GLIntercept, and am working with the author of GLIntercept on that.

      it would be totally awesome to release the next version of OGLE with your installer/manager toolkit.

      where are you?  if you are in NYC I would love to meet.  email me at fruminator@users.sourceforge.net



    • Drudge

      Drudge - 2006-04-19

      my tool is finished right now.
      now i want that all Test the tool (who need it)
      I try to make the Tool confortable, so not all configurations are implemented, but its all inside to capture obj files.
      Here is the link.
      Pleas write back, if there are need more functions, more extras and so on.

      Not yet implemented/bugs/lazy programming:
      Help infos from all configurations
      Nice Text. Somt Textes are copy/paste from Config files.
      Videocapturing will come in future, couse i had some probs, its not implemented
      And some other simply stuff

      Pls, report if your finding bugs, or else.

      I hope its a easy to use tool.


      • Michael Frumin

        Michael Frumin - 2006-04-24


        I've added links to this on the blog, the readme, and the tools/links page.



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