ogle.obj - zero bytes ??

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have this problem of alwas getting ogle.obj as file at 0 bytes long  . I am trying to get some models from Realviz Vtour application (panorama stitching + imagemodeling tool).

    I tried OGLE before with google earth and it did kinda work. At least ogle.obj was not 0. Geometry there was all messed up - but there was something in there.

    as far as I can tell gliInterceptLog is being created and it contaings OGL calls.

    any ideas?

    • Michael Frumin

      Michael Frumin - 2006-05-30

      can you post the gliInterceptLog.txt for the frame you captured?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Here's link to gliInterceptLog file which is captured with ogle.obj being zero.


      BTW... textures are captured OK and I can see then in frame_ folder.

      I am reasonable sure Vtour app uses openGL
      link here:

      Thanx for any info.

      • Michael Frumin

        Michael Frumin - 2006-06-05

        VTour uses glInterleavedArrays which OGLE didn't support.  I added enough for your app so replace your current OGLE.dll with this one:


        and tell me if it works.

        In the meantime, I'll give OGLE full InterleavedArrays support.


        PS please let us know what cool stuff you do with OGLE!!!

  • tedguillem

    tedguillem - 2014-03-20

    I have the same problem. I used glxtrator with ppsspp the psp emulator. It extracts the frames, but generate .obj with 0 KB.


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