Windows Forms

  • Solimator

    Solimator - 2013-11-04

    Hi. Is there any way how to combine Windows Forms widgets or WPF with your wrapper ? Simple example button with MessageBox inside click function. When you click it MessageBox is created but you can not see it. And all element have white border but I can live with that :) I want to create same GUI but if WinForms and WPF doesn't work whitch framework or libraly i should use ? When i was using Java I created GUI inside OpenGL with TWL library but i hope that there is better solution.

  • pet_cz

    pet_cz - 2013-11-04

    Hi Solimator. I did not experiment with WPF, however I did some applications in Windows Forms. The integration is straight forward. Some small example (maybe a bit outdated) is presented in (bottom of the page). In case of any troubles, please send me your sample code, I'll check it.

    Last edit: pet_cz 2013-11-04

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