Vincent Mobile 3D Rendering Library Credited on new iPods

According to this review [] describing the new iPod nano, credit is being given to the Vincent Mobile 3D Rendering Library in the legalese included on the device.

Babelfish translatates the relevant paragraph from the review as follows: "As for new nano there are some which increased in addition to animated picture and the game. That is item of copyright information. The copyright notice regarding the typeface is done from this time. ヒラギノ of Linotype and the large Japanese screen, also Free-Font is used. In addition, Vincent Mobile 3D Rendering Library seems that was used in the processing of Cover Flow. Because there is also the statement regarding OpenSSL and encoding, that was used in something it is the place where also those whether become matter of concern. ".

I actually went to an Apple store myself and could verify this on both on the iPod nano and the iPod classic.


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Posted by Hans-Martin Will 2007-09-15

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