Vincent Version 0.83 released

Vincent develops a compliant implementation of the OpenGL (R) ES 1.1 API specification for Pocket PCs and Smartphones. The current target platforms are Windows Mobile devices using TI OMAP, Intel (R) StrongARM and XScale PA2xx processors.

Vincent Version 0.83, which introduces a variety of fixes and performance enhancements, is now available for download from the Sourceforge project home page.

For XScale builds, the Intel Graphics Performance Primitives are no longer needed by default. If you want to use this library, simply define the constant EGL_USE_GPP in your compiler options.

OGLES.h now contains several configuration parameters that allow for fine-tuning the behavior of the library being built. See also README.txt for updated information.

This version addresses the following issues:

1030170 - Support more than one texture unit
1008793 - Static and Dynamic state queries
1031202 - Bitmap handle leak
1031201 - Device context leak
1028995 - Clip planes cannot be disabled
1001371 - Use CLZ for XScale and retire GPP
1033799 - Under-/overflow in fog calculation
1034326 - use CLZ in emit_unary_log2 for XScale builds
1034149 - Addressing mode for min/max operations
1001373 - optimize register allocation

Posted by Hans-Martin Will 2004-10-11

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